What is PBtrack?

PBtrack is a 24-hour online service for tracking and viewing proof of deliveries (PODs) on all freight moving through the PBT system. PBtrack is available on the PBT website.

How does PBtrack work?

All courier freight is electronically scanned using mobile hand-held devices and in-branch scanners. Scanning takes place at each stage of the movement from pick-up to delivery. Hand held devices also electronically record delivery signature confirmations (PODs) at the time of delivery. Vodafone’s GPRS network is used to transfer the information in real time, meaning instant up-to-date information is always available.

All transport and bulk freight is moved using consignment notes. Information on movements is entered into PBT’s freight management system at the end of each pick-up/delivery cycle. This information is instantly available via the PBT website. Once delivery has been complete the delivery/proof of delivery (POD) page of the consignment note is scanned. The delivery signature section of the consignment note is then displayed in PBtrack, providing physical confirmation of delivery.

How do I use PBtrack?

Simply follow three easy steps (login access is not required):

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your ticket or other reference number in the PBtrack box
  3. Press 'GO' to view the latest results

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