PBLink Combo


electronic data interchange (EDI) system

What is PBLink Combo?

PBLink Combo is PBT's electronic data interchange (EDI) system - a fast, convenient and reliable system for managing your freight distribution.

Developed in-house and in consultation with clients, PBLink Combo has been operating successfully since its introduction in 1995. Today, it sets the industry benchmark for electronic freight management. As a result, PBLink Combo is used by over 250 companies nationwide. They include Canon, Gillette, Onesource, Tyco, General Cable and many more.

How does PBLink Combo work?

PBLink Combo v8.x (version 8.x) is a fully networkable Windows based programme.

It works by combining our software with your in-house computer and modem. Once completed you are linked electronically into the nationwide data network of PBT Transport and PBT Couriers. The system offers ease of use, reliability and direct control over your freight distribution - all at the touch of a button. It also allows your organisation to gain the many benefits offered by PBLink Combo.

What benefits can PBLink Combo provide my organisation?

PBLink Combo is freight management made easy. It’s a fast, convenient and reliable system for managing your freight distribution.

Benefits and examples of these include: 

  • save time
  • select the most cost-effective option - PBTT or PBTC
  • remove the need for consignment notes & prepaid tickets
  • automate
  • pallet / product invoice breakdown
  • dangerous goods forms
  • real-time freight tracking & proof of delivery access
  • know what your freight movement is going to cost prior to sending
  • import freight movement data & format for your own reporting
  • select your own consignment numbers


How do I start using PBLink Combo?

  1. First, we discuss with you your needs and the best freight solution for your business. We look at the feasibility of PBLink Combo. We overview the system with you, go through a demonstration and visit live sites (if required).
  2. To install PBLink Combo you first need to be a client of PBT. We take you through the steps and set you up as a PBT client. Click here for a Credit Application Form or click here to email PBT and request a sales consultant to contact you within 24 hours).
  3. You then supply us with some equipment and product/client information (refer Equipment and Information Requirements below). Your PBT Account Manager and our dedicated PBLink Combo team help you through this stage.
  4. PBLink Combo is easy to use. We provide full training once installation of equipment and information requirements has been completed. You’re then free to start using the system straight away.

Equipment and Information Requirements


            Computer specifications

    • 1 GHz Processor
    • 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM pref.)
    • 100 MB network connection
    • Non-networked - Win 98 or above (ie. not ME, 95 or XP Home)
    • Networked - Win 2000 or above (ie. not ME, 95, 98 or XP Home)
    • minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 @ 256 colours 

    Connection options

    • modem access via a network or local modem; or
    • SMTP server for email transmission - plus internet access for tracking enquiries at


    • Dot matrix or laser printer(s)
    • Label printer - recommended Intermec E4 Thermal printer


    • List of client product codes, description, default weight, default cubic, dangerous goods set-up (optional)
    • Company logo (if required in label design)
    • Completed PBLink Combo set-up sheet

What training and support do I receive?

Full training and ongoing support is provided free of charge. 

What does PBLink Combo cost?

PBLink Combo is provided free of charge to all clients. At this stage there are no future costs associated with maintenance, training or upgrades, which are all provided free of charge. You are required to supply your own hardware. Typically, this is a one-off cost of approximately $3,700 plus GST - although this figure can often be reduced by employing existing hardware.

How often is PBLink Combo updated?

PBLink Combo is updated regularly. Improvements and changes usually occur as a result of client requests and feedback. With PBT owning the PBLink Combo source code and combined with an in-house IT team, it allows us to respond quickly to change requests.

How do I receive PBLink Combo updates and what do they cost?

Minor or client specific changes are supplied to individual clients as they are completed. After period of significant change, a new version of PBLink Combo is released. PBLink Combo v8.x (version 8.x) is the latest update. Your Account Manager will provide you with the latest version of PBLink Combo. This is a simple process, which your Account Manager will manage on your behalf. Updates to PBLink Combo are provided free of charge to clients.

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