myPBT is your area for administrators to manage information and e-services users.

To enter the myPBT area click on the myPBT button in the e-services box displayed on the website. If you have already entered your login code and password in another service, you’ll be taken straight into myPBT

If not, you will be prompted to enter your login code and password. Press ‘GO’ to display the myPBT menu table.

Select the service that you require from the following list (Administrator access is required to access all six options):

  1. Change my password
  2. View / Update company details
  3. Add new user
  4. Modify existing user
  5. Unlock user
  6. View all users

How do I update our company contact details?

After logging in as an Administrator, click on option 2 – View / Update company details - from the displayed menu. Update the relevant field(s) by overwriting the information currently displayed. Once you have completed your changes, press ‘Submit’ to enter these into our databases. Should we have a query with any of the information supplied we will contact you.

How do I set up and manage new e-services users?

After logging in as an Administrator, click on option 3 - Add new user - from the displayed menu. Tab or mouse through each of the available fields and enter set-up information for each new user.

Note that the login code is your account number followed by a dot and then up to three characters (eg 192837.JPM). We recommend using the user’s initials. Select the services that the user will have access to and whether prices are to be visible for them. Then press ‘GO’ to load.

Using myPBT, Administrators have total control to manage users (ie. add, modify, delete and unlock). For further assistance visit FAQs or click here to email the website support team.


After logging into myPBT as a General or Administrator user, click on option 1 - Change my password - from the displayed menu. Tab or mouse through each of the available fields entering your old and new passwords as required.  (Passwords must be a minimum of six characters and can be alpha-numeric). Then press 'GO' to change your password.

Please note that the 'Change my password' service is only available for passwords issued by PBT.  To change access details set-up by your own company, please contact your Administrator.

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