Labels, Tickets & PBPaks


How do I order tickets, paks and advice labels?

There are a number of great reasons to order advice labels, courier tickets and PBPaks online:

  • No waiting on the phone
  • The order goes straight into the PBT system for despatch
  • You know the price
  • It’s fast and convenient 24-hours a day


Simply follow four easy steps (Administrator login access is required – click here to email PBT for your login code and password):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the 'Labels, Tickets & PBPaks' button on the screen.
  3. If you have already entered your login code and password in another e-service, you’ll be taken straight into the 'Labels Tickets & PBPaks' page. If not, you will be prompted to enter your login code and password. Press ‘GO’ to display the 'Labels Tickets & PBPaks' page.
  4. Enter the mandatory contact and order information. Then tab or mouse through each label, ticket and PBPak option available for your account. Select quantities of books, packets and rolls by entering the number of each item required. Press ‘Continue’ to verify your order. A message box will appear with instructions. Press ‘OK’ to continue.
  5. When the summarised and totalled order confirmation page appears, check that your order is correct and then press the ‘Confirm’ button. Your request will be entered directly into our system for preparation and despatch.

Your order will be prepared and couriered to you from your closest centre - Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington or Christchurch.

What is the maximum order I can place?

For your security the maximum quantity allowed is 2,000 of any type of label, ticket or PBPak.

How long do orders take to receive?

For Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch centres, orders placed prior to 12.00pm (midday) will be prepared and couriered to you same day.

Orders placed prior to 3.00pm will be prepared and couriered to you for next day delivery.

For urgent label, ticket or PBPak orders outside these centres, please contact the CS team at your local branch directly.

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