Freight Forward

Freight Forward multi-point distribution

What is a Freight Forward?

A Freight Forward is a flexible means of moving items between multiple points.

Using PBT Transport or PBT Couriers your freight can be picked up anywhere in the country and delivered back to you - or to a third party.

PBT Freight Forwarding is particularly useful for the control of specialist stock and the redirection of consignments. It can also be used for the return of surplus stock or goods for repair.

How do I order a freight forward?

Simply follow four easy steps (General or Administrator login access is required – click here to email PBT for your login codes and passwords):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Freight Forward button on the screen
  3. If you have already entered your login code and password in another e-service, you’ll be taken straight into the Freight Forward page. If not, you will be prompted to enter your login code and password. Press ‘GO’ to display the Freight Forwarding page. Fill in the form ensuring that all required fields are completed. Press ‘Continue’ to submit your order for verification. A message box will appear with instructions. Press ‘OK’ to continue.
  4. Check that your order is correct and then press the ‘Confirm’ button. Your request will be entered directly into our system for preparation and despatch.

When will my freight be picked up?

Freight will be picked up within 24 hours from the time the job is logged.

What rates do I pay for a Freight Forward?

Nationwide rates for PBT Couriers are quoted on your Rates Confirmation and applicable for all areas. For PBT Transport, standard schedule rates apply. These are the locally quoted rates for the area from which you are picking up to the destination you are delivering. For enquiries or copies of your Freight Forwarding rates please contact your Account Manager.

How can PBT help me manage my Freight Forwarding?

  1. On the Freight Forward form click on the button called 'View Freight Forward Summary'. This service presents in table form all your freight forwards jobs for the past two weeks. It includes the dates ordered, pick-up and delivery addresses, charges and the status. PBT electronically stores Freight Forward information for up to 90 days and is viewable by selecting the date range required and pressing ‘GO’.
  2. The 'View Freight Forward Summary' table also includes a column called 'Dup'. This provides a service that duplicates the selected transaction by creating a fully completed form. This option is particularly useful in the event of negative pick-ups or when regularly ordering freight forwards from the same addresses. Simply check the information and make any required changes and then press the ‘Continue’ and ‘Confirm’ buttons. Your request will be entered directly into our system and actioned.
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