Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about our business. They’ll help you with your decision-making if you’re considering PBT. Or, if you’re already a client they’ll be useful in the day-to-day activity of moving your freight and dealing with PBT.

Some of the information is provided in PDF files. To view these you need Adobe Acrobat. (If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, click here to get your free download. It takes about 5 minutes).

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How do I get my login code and password?

Click here to email us for any e-services or website support. Our aim is to respond to your request within 1 hour during working hours.

If you require your login code and password, please remember to include your company name and account number.

Please note that login access is currenly only available for PBT Couriers accounts, although tracking (PBtrack) is available to all website visitors.  We are currently working on PBT Transport e-services and expect them to be released in late in 2007.

How do I calculate parcel size and weight for PBT Couriers?

Click here to open a user guideline (in PDF format).

How much do I need to send (or spend) for PBLink Combo to be worthwhile?

Generally, we recommend a weekly spend between $500 - $1000 or a minimum usage of 20 consignment notes or 50 tickets per day.

How can I get Adobe Acrobat?

Click here to go to the Adobe website. Click on the ‘Download’ button to receive a free copy of Adobe Acrobat. It takes approximately five minutes.

Can I view the Carriage of Goods Act 1979?

Yes. Click here to view the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 (in PDF format).

How do I get a Credit Application Form?

Click here to open a Credit Application form (in PDF format).

How long has PBT been in business?

45+ years. In 1972 Peter Baker Transport was started by founder, Peter Baker.

Is the PBLink Combo system networkable?

Yes. Being networkable means you can operate multiple despatch points.

The PBLink Combo system is fast meaning multiple despatch points can speed up processing and reduce despatch resources.

How do I track an item using PBtrack?

Click here to find out.

Is PBT nationwide?

Yes. PBT has 21 branches and depots from Whangarei to Invercargill.  A comprehensive nationwide network means we deliver 99.9% of our clients' freight within the PBT system.

What are PBT’s terms and conditions?


Click here to open PBT’s Terms of Trade (in PDF format).

How long does it take to install PBLink Combo and start using the system?

We schedule installation with our IT team as soon as we have received all the software and hardware from you (refer PBLink Combo System Introduction Folder for details - available from your Account Manager).

From schedule to installation is normally between 2 - 4 weeks. Then we train your people, working with the despatch team until they are fully conversant with PBLink Combo. This time will vary depending on the number of staff and their level of computer literacy. It can take anywhere from one 60 minute session up to a week of 1 - 2 hour sessions.

What type of freight can PBT move?

All types. Well, almost all types. PBT has a range of movement options to meet most needs using companies: PBT Transport, PBT Couriers, PBT Bulk, and PBT Logistics. Together they move general freight and courier items nationwide and across town, as well as container, point-to-point and full truck loads (FTL).

How do I get a courier item delivered without requiring a signature?

PBT Couriers can supply ‘No Signature Required Tickets’ to clients (once a No Signature Required Agreement has been signed and received by PBT). An Agreement is available from your Account Manager and tickets cost approximately $0.03 plus GST each.

Simply affix the ticket to your parcel (together with your normal prepaid ticket or PBLink Combo label). This indicates to the courier that your goods are to be left at the premises - without a signature. Couriers are instead required to complete the peel off portion stating where the goods were left (eg. 'Goods left at BACK DOOR' or 'Goods left at STANLEY STREET RECEPTION').

How up-to-date is the PBtrack information?

Click here to find out.

How can I link directly into PBT's tracking service, PBtrack, from our website, intranet or email se

Use the following code - https://www.pbt.com/track/results.cfm?ticketNo=II12345678 - in your own tracking box or email.

Simply programme the code for each consignment to enter the tracking reference number (eg. con note, ticket, freight forward number) after the equals (=) sign. (That is, II12345678 represents the tracking number in the example code above).

This will create a link for each consignment. It will open the PBtrack tracking screen, which displays all available tracking information for that consignment.

How do I open an account?

Click here to find out all you need to know about opening an account and getting the process started.

Are there any working PBLink Combo sites available for us to view?

Yes. A live demonstration provides you with an accurate and independent assessment of PBT and PBLink Combo.

Your Account Manager will be happy to organise site tours of 'live' sites in your area. First though we need permission from our customers before we can visit their site. We work in and around their schedule of workflows and availability.

Can I have multiple PBLink Combos operating on multiple despatch points?

Yes. If you have despatch operations that are physically separated, or alternatively have several busy points of despatch, we can set up additional sites for you.

The PBLink Combo system is fast. It helps speed up processing and reduces despatch resources. We do not recommend a second or subsequent site in normal circumstances unless your volumes exceed 400 - 500 items per day.

How do I order an online courier pick-up using PBcollect?

Click here to find out. 

What are PBT's Terms of Credit?

Click here to open PBT’s Terms of Credit (in PDF format).

What is my local PBcollect phone number?

Click here to find out.

How do I order a freight forward online?

Click here to find out. 

How do I order tickets, PBPaks and advice labels online?

Click here to find out. 

What is PBT's claims process?

Click here to open a user guideline (in PDF format).

How do I see or change our company details in PBT's database?

Click here to find out. 

How do I set up new users for the PBT website?

Click here to find out.

Why can I use some e-services at the bottom of the screen and not others?

There are two levels of access to e-services - 'General' and 'Administrator'.

'General' has access to PBtrack, PBcollect, Freight Forward, Forms and can view company details in myPBT.

The ‘Administrator’ in your organisation has access to all e-services – including ‘invoices & statements’ and ‘labels, tickets and PBPaks’. Administrators also have the ability to update your details in myPBT and set-up new users.

Should you need greater access to e-services, please see your Administrator or click here to email our website support team.

How do I change our e-services password?

If your access details were supplied by PBT (General and Administrator access), then click here to email us your request. Remember to include your company name, account number and phone number. We will verify your request (for security reasons) and reply with your new password as soon as possible.

If your access details were supplied by your company Administrator, then please contact them with your request. They will be able to make the required changes.

Our Company details are not correct in the website. How do we update these?

Click on myPBT and log into the PBT website as an Administrator. Simply change the fields that require updating and press 'Submit'. Your changes will appear immediately in the website and within 24-hours in the PBT Couriers database.

Is there an information sheet showing how to use the e-services?

Yes - click here to open a user guideline (in PDF format).

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