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Applying for sponsorship


All applications for sponsorship are considered against our overall sponsorship and charitable aims, and against the set of criteria we have developed for evaluating sponsorship and charitable proposals.

PBT’s Portfolio

PBT has a number of longstanding partnerships in our sponsorship and charity portfolios including Sport, Safety on the Roads and The Community.

We continue to focus on these existing relationships and are not actively looking for new partnerships at this time but welcome feedback as per the process outlined below for review by our Executive Team.

Applying for Sponsorship

Organisations that are considering applying for sponsorship from PBT should send a written proposal at least six months, but preferably a year, before the sponsorship activity begins.

There are a number of things we will be looking for:

  • The opportunity to build a really strong partnership where both parties will work together for mutual benefit.

  • How it will generate real business and brand profile outcomes.

  • How accessible the project is for all New Zealanders.

  • The sponsorship must link to our current focus of safety on the roads, health, sport, youth and the community

  • The sponsorship should assist New Zealand communities, not overseas activities or travel.

  • There must be enough time to plan for the event and implement all leveraging activities.

Commercial ventures, completed or restropective projects and projects that promote or benefit an individual will not be eligible.

Activities that fall into the area of local or central government are also not generally considered as eligible by PBT for sponsorship


If your organisation is successful, you may have your details published – listed in your regional newspaper, or on our website. We may also talk to you about publishing your story in local media and our own internal publications.

What to include in your proposal

Your proposal should include the following information:

Contact Details

  • Contact person

  • Postal address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Sponsorship details

  • Event name

  • Organisation name

  • Organisation details (include history, vales, objectives)

  • Project details

  • Project history and background

  • Key audiences (include demographics)

  • Key partners and their involvement

  • What support you are looking for

  • What benefits PBT will receive

  • Financials and budgetary information (include how the project is being funded)

  • Supporting material (you may wish to include samples of brochures, flyers, posters etc)

  • How you will evaluate the success of the project

Send your proposal to:

Group Marketing Manager - PBT
PBT Head Office, P O Box 12 732, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand, 1642

Email: marketing@pbt.co.nz

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